Smith, Stan - illustrations, sketches, etc - Green teapot

Artist: Smith, Stan - illustrations, sketches, etc
Materials: Acrylic
Dimensions (cm): 36 x 40
Dimensions (inches): 14.2 x 15.7
Stock No: 0634

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Genre: Still life


This work features on pages 74 - 77  of Oil Painting Workbook by Stan Smith, published by David & Charles  ISBN 07353 1356-8, where it is shown at four different stages of execution, from monochrome sketch to finished painting.

Behind the scenes: Though this work featured in Stan’s popular book on oil painting it was in fact executed in acrylics rather than oil.  Stan had left it too close to his publisher’s deadline to complete all the works for the book in oil, so he had to do them in acrylics, which takes less time. But as far as photography for the book was concerned it made no visible difference!